The Magic Pocket Presenter PC software may be used on PCs running Win 98, Win 2000 and Mac OS 8.5 and Higher. With the Copy or Move feature you can copy presentations into the 2MB Magic Pocket Presenter memory. If your presentation is stored in the module, it will be made available every time the module is plugged into any Handspring Visor. What this means is that the module, with the presentation, can be given to a presenter and what he only needs to do next is plug it in and make his or her presentation.

You can get an estimate of 100 slides in your 2mb memory (depending on the file size of the slide). The slides can be stored in the Handspring Visor’s memory itself, or flash memory module. In the conversion process, numerous presentations can be compressed by 65% or higher.

Even if your Handspring Visor is black and white, you can still get 256 colors with our product. Although heavy pictures will not be as detailed, standard sized graphics will look fine.